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As part of local activity project » Freehand Revolution« I helped organize workshops and events in Shikano, Onomichi, Okayama and Kyoto. Goal of the project was to engage with the local community and together think about the future of these towns.

In Tottori Shikano we organized an Urban Egg Festival.  The »Urban egg« is a symbol of all the unhatched potential of free space within this town. Through our workshops and talks we invite people to discover new possibilities.

Introducing the european tradition of easter we held a eggpainting-workshop for children using natural dyes.

Together with the Bird Theatre Tottori Shikano we organized a theatrical city tour featuring an egg-family. The egg family costumes were made of traditional japanese materials like washi and bamboo. At night the costumes were reused as lanterns.

The team

Yu Ohtani urban activist & researcher
Mako Mizobuchi  photographer
Elisabeth Mossbauer  illustrator
Gemma Wilson  illustrator
Akihiro Yamamoto  artist

Mikiko Fujita painter

Hirofumi Miyauchi  painter
Ayumi Hiyama kindergarten teacher
Sachiko Furuta urban activist
Nozomu Naruse shop manager

special thanks to Kiyoshi Kobayashi
NGO Inshu-Shikano Town Management Council